Contamination in your industrial wastewater? 
Always bad news.
Let Dr. Sobolewski navigate you safely to clear waters.

Antimony, thiocyanate, zirconium…

How can you deal with the contaminant, when you don’t know much about it?

You need to figure out all the issues around this.
Is this a short-term or long-term problem? Will you need a treatment plant? An operator and power and…. how much will this cost?

Dr Sobolewski has 25 years of water treatment experience in the mining, forestry, and petrochemical industries


You need an expert in industrial wastewater.

More than a Ph.D., you need an experienced practitioner who has already designed systems that work.

Dr. Andre Sobolewski has tackled every kind of industrial wastewater contamination problem, from the High Andes to the High Arctic.

A pioneer in passive water treatment technologies, he has also worked with lime treatment plants, ion exchange, MBBRs and more.

He develops reliable, cost-effective solutions that perform for decades to come.

You can find out more about Andre’s qualifications here.

Dr. Sobolewski has an enviable track record from involvement in more than 100 successful industrial wastewater treatment projects over the past 25 years. 

When your project is on the line, call an expert that will find the right solution for your site, not a vendor that wants to sell their expensive technology. 

And then you get to stay ahead of your problems, for once.

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